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Leadership. Process. Structure.

Over 200+ Successful Projects...and Counting

Take the nightmare out of building your dream business.

Business Roadmap utilizes leadership, process, and structure to help entrepreneurs, established business owners, and organizations identify and focus on their most impactful initiatives – those with strategic alignment that make the best use of time, talent, and investment – to break down silos, engage and motivate your team and to deliver results on time, budget and within scope. I’ll help you transition from drowning in the details to focusing on your most critical role: leading your business.

A Trusted Business Advisor

From workflows to financial fluency to company culture, I consult with and coach leaders to achieve goals that bring your vision to fruition.

Project Management

Using a proven methodology, I'll work with you to manage complex projects in a way that ensures a seamless integration of new initiatives into your existing operations. 

Business Planning & More

Let me create your business plan and a broad spectrum of other strategic and tactical roadmaps to effortlessly guide you from the conceptual stage to tangible results.

Over the past 30 years, I've developed a comprehensive framework inclusive of project management and business planning processes, tools, and resources to effectively transform business performance. One of the most rewarding things a client can tell me is, "I don't know what I would've done without you!"

Irene Eraklidis
Founder, Business Roadmap


Leave the details – all of them – to Business Roadmap

I’ve always been intrigued by the mosaic that makes each business unique, and inspired by finding creative solutions to business challenges.

At Business Roadmap, the approach is simple: create customized solutions that meet your organization’s needs and manage the execution. Our discovery process uncovers how your operational, growth, financial and organizational components are performing. 

I then arm you with the skills and tools to foster team engagement, form game-changing relationships and implement improvements for productivity and growth. You’ll find me to be completely relatable, with the distinct ability to simplify complex concepts in a way that effectively drives a project from inception to completion.

Testimonials from Happy Clients

"Since the formative stages of AXIA Group, Irene was the driving force in developing an outstanding business plan which defined the strategic direction and goals of our then newly established company. Her professionalism is a testament to her degree of commitment, care, and character. An excellent communicator, she takes ownership of the product from start to completion, and is very approachable with an open mind and exceptional communication skills. I believe that Ms. Eraklidis’ leadership, insightful vision, and competence resulted in significant contributions which have positioned AXIA for ongoing success."

Amir H. Sanatkar

AXIA Group California

"Irene is one of the most masterful business coaches I’ve had the privilege of working with for over a decade. She has an uncanny knack for relating to her clients in a way that offers them maximum results, regardless of the complexity of their goals. Her no nonsense style and unmatched versatility are perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners."

Kelley Beatty Babcock

KMB2 Associates

"Irene is exceptional at grasping business components, large and small, and then organizing them into a meaningful structure. Her ability to then create and document the process and workflow, and successfully train staff in these concepts, is second to none. Always a pleasure to work with, Irene is insightful and inspirational."

Todd Meyer


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