Hello, I'm Irene Eraklidis. I equip businesses and entrepreneurs with comprehensive business roadmaps that generate qualitative and quantitative results.

I love analyzing the components, processes, and details of businesses in order to reshape them using organized, impactful initiatives and plans. The outcome is a customized, actionable business roadmap which clearly defines your company’s goals and the path to get there.

My experience allows me to adeptly guide businesses and entrepreneurs through every step of their transformation, by knowing when to focus on the strategic and when to drill into the tactical aspects.

I attribute my acumen for business, leadership, and complex project management to the distinctive combination of a 20+ year corporate career that took me to more than 30 domestic installations and 20 countries, augmented by the transition to the entrepreneurial world where I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and organizations across a broad range of industries to create business and action plans that improve financial performance, culture, growth, operational capabilities and critical leadership skills.

It’s this expansive experience that makes me different from other business coaches – the perfect balance of corporate and entrepreneurial – giving added breadth, depth, capability, and versatility to my toolkit.

You’ll find me to be approachable and flexible to work with, knowledgeable, committed, and an unwavering advocate for you and your business.